Get to know more about Salvatech

We are a nearshore staff provider for companies in North America, dedicated to helping you scale your business like never before

First and foremost, what is Salvatech?

Salvatech is a nearshore staff provider that looks to solve hiring and scaling issues for companies in North America. Moreover, we are a group of passionate and innovative doers, who helps build and oversee remote teams for companies of many industries, like yours 👀.

Now, how do we accomplish that?

We became experts at identifying people's skills. That led us to build a company where talent is attracted, not sought after. All these experts, specialist, and professionals comprise our talent pool. That is the reason why all of our clients feel their new hires overdeliver in every task.

Salvatech takes care of all your HR and legal risks while reducing costs, yeah, pretty boring stuff. Our team works diligently to make sure you focus on what matters the most, running your company. However, at the end of the day, we don't look for clients but for long-lasting relationships with people who love what they do.

Questions we know the answer to

Can I request a profile not listed on the talent pool?

Absolutely yes! As we mentioned, what makes Salvatech different from other staff providers is that we go the extra mile for every single client. You ask for it, we will find the best match!

How can I get started?

Click on any button that says "Schedule a Call". That will allow you to schedule a call whenever you have time and hop on a meeting with our hero representatives.

Is there a platform to manage my Salvatech team?

Yes, it is our crown jewel. We care so much about our clients that we spent more than we had to in order to build the most user-friendly platform to manage your team and discover more talent.

Is there a limit on the number of employees I can hire?

Nope. Once you start hiring with Salvatech, you will never want to stop.