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Salvatech is keeping pace with the changing business landscape and we're on the lookout for driven individuals who are excited about growth opportunities and ready to join us in delivering outsourcing solutions to our clients.

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We encourage our clients to offer a career development plan for all their hires.



Working with Salvatech gives you access to above-industry compensation .



We are always crafting new ways to benefit our team with career development opportunities.

Getting hired through Salvatech

We think of Salvatech as the place to grow as a professional and achieve exceptional results while working with companies abroad. The experience gained at Salvatech will boost your profile significantly compared with the same time at a national company.

We are obsessed with making your experience at Salvatech an unforgettable one. Our HR team will always be open to helping you align your work with your field of expertise, and grow past your personal-bound limits. And as always, not everything is work. That is why we take every single opportunity to gather, know each other, and have fun!

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